Saturday, April 14, 2018


My saga continues as I have been in Oklahoma for 3 days and I have misplaced my phone. When I realized I had done so, I went into my all too familiar panic mode. I first blamed myself, and then thought of all I'd lost. It wasn't just an electronic device, it was my lifeline to the world.

I went to bed thinking of where I might have put my phone and awoke with the same thought. After spending 15 minutes retracing my steps, I realized I was putting too much thought into something that can be easily replaced. I then acknowledged that my life is heavily anchored in things. I am writing a blog about living intuitively, yet I obsess about a device that fits in the palm of my hand. How small have I become that this device defines me? I have God-given gifts that can communicate near and far, and I am focused on a man-made object.
A New Path - I am letting go of my attachment to things. My life has been made smaller by the number of things on which I depend. In this electronic age, we have stopped connecting to the things that are important. I am often distracted by the television, phone, computer, etc. These things keep me from focusing on my real purpose, Listening for the Voice of God Within.

Now, don't get me wrong...I want to find my phone, but it will no longer be an obsession. I will give it the weekend, and if it doesn't turn up, I'll get a new one...a cheaper one. Besides, when I get home I have two spares, so what am I so stressed out about?

How about you? About what do you obsess? What will it take to let it go...even if for one day? Are you letting your obsession block your spiritual walk?

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