Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Trial in Patience

Today, I am traveling from Washington, DC to Oklahoma City on Southwest Airlines to assist my cousin while she has knee replacement surgery. 

A flight from one place to another seems a fairly simple task, yet it was filled with opportunities to smile and be positive. 

I had changed my doctor appointment to 8:30 so I could easily manage the necessary morning tasks. My flight was at 12:55. Being ever efficient, the doctor only took 35 minutes as opposed to the normal 70 minutes. Elated by the efficiency, I arrived Metro by 9:15. I checked my big bag and had my carry-on. Embracing the 3+ hours I had to cool my heels, I decided to people watch; a favorite pastime for me.

As 11 approached, I received a text that my flight had been delayed. I shrugged. More people watching. I still had more than an hour and a half layover in Houston. 45 minutes later, I received another test telling me my flight was changed again to 2:25.

I have to say, my patience was running thin. Suddenly, I heard my name over the PA system. I went to the desk and a very pleasant young woman informed me that I would most likely miss my connection and asked if I would like to change the flight itinerary for another. Not feeling like I had much of a choice, I agreed. What occurred to me is that this airline reacted proactively and let me choose my fate as opposed to another airline I've had the misfortune of flying on - The Friendly Skies, who sees me as a number not a person. (okay, one negative thought! I thanked God for letting me be on Southwest. She quickly rebooked my flight through Dallas. The catch...the flight didn't leave until 4:00. So I had another 3 and a half hours in the less than glamorous Ronald Reagan International Airport, Terminal A.  Catch 2...the connecting flight is at 10:10, which means I have four hours at Love Field. 

So given the large segments of down time, I called everyone I knew, and got some. I kept my parents up to date, and my mother laughed...saying "I'm sorry," as if it was her fault.

I have had a 'down' day, but a good one. I have seen some interesting people, and I didn't have any plans for the day anyway.  So as I write to this point, I am sitting in the Dallas Love Field airport, an airport I'd never been to. More people watching and I got this far on my blog. So not a total waste of time.  I will finish the blog when I arrive at my final destination.  I should be be arriving in Oklahoma City by 11:30pm.

I arrived at 11:30 and rushed to the baggage claim. Lost luggage. I wasn't the only one. There were seven of us. I just laughed. There is no way I could have written this fiasco. I awoke this morning after 5 hours sleep, took a shower and put on my travel those are the only clothes I have. My bag should be delivered sometime today.

I am blessed. I have more with me than 1/3 of the planet's population so I am grateful. So my question for you is: What blessings did you acknowledge today?

Your IntutiveHealerCoach

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