Saturday, April 14, 2018


My saga continues as I have been in Oklahoma for 3 days and I have misplaced my phone. When I realized I had done so, I went into my all too familiar panic mode. I first blamed myself, and then thought of all I'd lost. It wasn't just an electronic device, it was my lifeline to the world.

I went to bed thinking of where I might have put my phone and awoke with the same thought. After spending 15 minutes retracing my steps, I realized I was putting too much thought into something that can be easily replaced. I then acknowledged that my life is heavily anchored in things. I am writing a blog about living intuitively, yet I obsess about a device that fits in the palm of my hand. How small have I become that this device defines me? I have God-given gifts that can communicate near and far, and I am focused on a man-made object.
A New Path - I am letting go of my attachment to things. My life has been made smaller by the number of things on which I depend. In this electronic age, we have stopped connecting to the things that are important. I am often distracted by the television, phone, computer, etc. These things keep me from focusing on my real purpose, Listening for the Voice of God Within.

Now, don't get me wrong...I want to find my phone, but it will no longer be an obsession. I will give it the weekend, and if it doesn't turn up, I'll get a new one...a cheaper one. Besides, when I get home I have two spares, so what am I so stressed out about?

How about you? About what do you obsess? What will it take to let it go...even if for one day? Are you letting your obsession block your spiritual walk?

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Trial in Patience

Today, I am traveling from Washington, DC to Oklahoma City on Southwest Airlines to assist my cousin while she has knee replacement surgery. 

A flight from one place to another seems a fairly simple task, yet it was filled with opportunities to smile and be positive. 

I had changed my doctor appointment to 8:30 so I could easily manage the necessary morning tasks. My flight was at 12:55. Being ever efficient, the doctor only took 35 minutes as opposed to the normal 70 minutes. Elated by the efficiency, I arrived Metro by 9:15. I checked my big bag and had my carry-on. Embracing the 3+ hours I had to cool my heels, I decided to people watch; a favorite pastime for me.

As 11 approached, I received a text that my flight had been delayed. I shrugged. More people watching. I still had more than an hour and a half layover in Houston. 45 minutes later, I received another test telling me my flight was changed again to 2:25.

I have to say, my patience was running thin. Suddenly, I heard my name over the PA system. I went to the desk and a very pleasant young woman informed me that I would most likely miss my connection and asked if I would like to change the flight itinerary for another. Not feeling like I had much of a choice, I agreed. What occurred to me is that this airline reacted proactively and let me choose my fate as opposed to another airline I've had the misfortune of flying on - The Friendly Skies, who sees me as a number not a person. (okay, one negative thought! I thanked God for letting me be on Southwest. She quickly rebooked my flight through Dallas. The catch...the flight didn't leave until 4:00. So I had another 3 and a half hours in the less than glamorous Ronald Reagan International Airport, Terminal A.  Catch 2...the connecting flight is at 10:10, which means I have four hours at Love Field. 

So given the large segments of down time, I called everyone I knew, and got some. I kept my parents up to date, and my mother laughed...saying "I'm sorry," as if it was her fault.

I have had a 'down' day, but a good one. I have seen some interesting people, and I didn't have any plans for the day anyway.  So as I write to this point, I am sitting in the Dallas Love Field airport, an airport I'd never been to. More people watching and I got this far on my blog. So not a total waste of time.  I will finish the blog when I arrive at my final destination.  I should be be arriving in Oklahoma City by 11:30pm.

I arrived at 11:30 and rushed to the baggage claim. Lost luggage. I wasn't the only one. There were seven of us. I just laughed. There is no way I could have written this fiasco. I awoke this morning after 5 hours sleep, took a shower and put on my travel those are the only clothes I have. My bag should be delivered sometime today.

I am blessed. I have more with me than 1/3 of the planet's population so I am grateful. So my question for you is: What blessings did you acknowledge today?

Your IntutiveHealerCoach

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Embrace Source

This week, I have been blessed by a multitude of changes. It all began when I accepted a dinner invitation with my friends Susan and Claudia. I haven't seen them in several years. I was so excited to see them. We hugged and smiles exploded instantly. 
I had know Susan the longest and she tends to be skeptical around my intuitive abilities. I met Claudia through Susan and Claudia has been much more open to the spiritual side of things.
As the dinner progressed, we got into the "What are you doing now?" conversation. I explained that I was focusing on building my business. I explained that I had subtly shifted from giving readings to providing Chakra-based sessions. After explaining my process, I pulled out my Oracle Chakra Cards and offered a VERY high level reading for each.
Their cards tracked their current place in life. Since it was in a restaurant, I had turned down my intuitive abilities so I wasn't picking up on everyone in the restaurant. After the cards, I brought up my intention for starting an Intuitive Connections meetup. I wanted to create a place where others with spiritual gifts can come and share experiences and training. Susan and Claudia were immediately onboard. I told them I have been opening myself to unique ways to connect and communicate with others who are searching. 
As intuitives, we are all psychically connected, but in a world filled with overt negativity, we have shielded ourselves from the chaos. Anger, mistrust, blame, hate, unaccountability, separations, drugs, violence, divorce and many other labels are predominant in the news. Children are lost in video games, and communicate with their friends through social media, even if the friend is sitting at the same table. We are disconnected from source. People are killing the innocent.

Our global attitude impacts those lost in the madness.

As Intuitives, we are here to connect with the Source of Love and Joy. Having accepted myself as an Intuitive, I am accountable for being the source of Love and Joy. Given the conversation above, I look around me and if love and joy is missing, it is obviously missing inside of me. I immediately take responsibility for love and joy missing around me and I connect with my source and generate it fully and completely. Sometimes I need to dig deep to find source because life can get in the way. 
I accept my human side and embrace source. 
I cannot ignore my place in the world. I AM the source of Love and Joy.

Now my inquiry for you is 'Who are you as source?'
Is your source accountability missing in those around you? If so, what will it take for you to regain your connection with Source and share it with everyone you know?

Spiritelligence is a created word that expands the space between believing and knowing. You are a spiritual being living a human existence, and your struggle is finding the balance of believing who you are as a physical being and knowing who you were created to be.