Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Breaking the Resistance Code

I have spent a week trying to figure out what my next blog should be about. It took a week for me to realize I was resisting writing words on a page. It started me thinking, where else in my life do I resist? 

My Life Purpose is to 'Listen for the Voice of God Within.'  I realized I have been resisting my purpose. I guess I have been resisting ME my whole life. I have resisted the labels intuitive (psychic), healer and coach. I have known what I am from a very young age, but I never wore the labels comfortably. I resisted who I am to the core of my being. I've dabbled with my gifts off and on all my life, yet I always packed them away at the end of the day as if they were a pair of shoes I chose. Some mornings I would choose them, yet most mornings I chose something else. I have the ability to turn off my gifts for a moment, a day, a week or a year. Turning them off is denying who I am, and I have paid the price for making that choice time and time again.

My life has been a journey of discovery; not one of action or revelation, but of the unearthing of Kyle. I wore my fears and self-loathing on my sleeve my entire life. I felt unworthy of my gifts because I don't know what to do with them. I was embarrassed because my family didn't like it. I resisted my labels (intuitive, healer, coach, gay and many others), and I find at 60 that I have lived a life half lived. 

I have always been afraid of being called a fraud when, in fact, that is exactly how I've lived. When I failed to embrace the core of me being, I failed to exist.

That all began to change at the end of February. I attended the Innovations in Education conference in Atlanta. I was confronted with a room full of Angels with the label of Autism. My awakening began to breakdown the barriers of my resistance. I created and embraced a new belief system. 

I have known for some time that the Angels were sent to us as a gift. When working with Jordyn, I was told prior to meeting him that he was an Angel at the right hand of ArchAngel Gabriel. I was also told that the expansion of my Life Purpose is to listen for messages from the Angels. Jordyn has been one of my greatest teachers. Jordyn is leading a cause that is met with incredible resistance. The resistance comes from the most unlikely places; parents, teachers, educators, doctors and even the Angels themselves. 

As an advocate for the Messages, I am standing with the Angels Among Us. These incredible, intelligent, capable individuals have been labeled with the word Autism. It is a medical term used to codify and justify something we, as humans, cannot understand. Today, I challenge you to transform the label from Autistic to Miracle. 

Autistic men, women, boys and girls are born into this world to challenge our world with the experience of Peace, Acceptance and Love. These Angels are immense beings 'confined' in a limited space by our words and fears. Take the time to look into the eyes of an Angel and see who he is. Feel the love she shares. Listen to the acceptance she has for you. When you connect on a soul level, feel his peace.

Are you resisting?

Remove the label and see the person. Angels are here to upgrade your life. When you are mired in the everyday experience, remember you have an Angel in your life. He or she is grateful you are a part of the journey.

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