Friday, March 30, 2018

An Eye Opening Experience

This past week I had the privilege of assisting with the care of a family friend. Kaye is my mother's best friend and has been a part of our family since I was 14 years old. Two and a half years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Of all the diseases, this one is the most cruel. The affected remains a level of health that mocks the disappearing memory. Much like my experience with Jordyn, I walked into her home with a certain expectation. I was immediately reminded that all experiences are unique.

Kaye and I played games and went for walks. Sometimes we went to the mall to walk. There she is known by the other walkers. They greeted her with great joy and she was so happy to be there. Unfortunately, there were others there she thought she knew and approached them expecting a warm welcome. Most people were very generous, while others were less than pleasant. It was a dissection of the human condition.

During our walks outside, she spoke of the past. Sometimes the distant past and more often of the recent past. When we discussed recent events, she focused on aspects of things that I thought were insignificant. However, to her, they were the important events. 

As the week progressed, I realized just how much I spent thinking of things that really didn't matter. I tend to have two modes; on or off. When I am on, I am the typical TYPE A personality, obsessed with every detail and extremely impatient. In the off position, I am so chill, some might think I'd passed. Granted, a happy medium would be ideal, yet I sway with doing and being. 

As a doer, I have a determined demeanor, filled with action and purpose. Manifesting myself as a being, I am centered in my purpose and focused on my chakras.

I realize that I compartmentalize my life in ways unbeknownst to me. Who I am is a whole intuitive being. Who I am is the listener for the Voice of God within. Who I am is a man who chooses to live intuitively with purpose.

February and March were amazing months. I immersed myself in the world of Autism and Alzheimer's. Both revealed the same facts. What you see on the outside is not who is on the inside. These people are extraordinary, loving, knowledgeable souls with a purpose and a future. Embracing people based on what you cannot see is the miracle I've learned these past two months.

Contact me to explore the enlightenment possible when you set aside judgment and preconceived notions of the past. Examine your possibilities and embrace new opportunities.

Kyle Sutton

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