Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Accepting the Ever Changing Me

I have lived 60 years and I am still discovering parts of me that I had no idea existed. I am constantly having to accept some new part of me. I know my Life Purpose (Listening for the Voice of God Within} and I accept the changes as they come because I know these changes are pointing me to my destination.

I believe you are born with a destiny. Who you were born to be is inside your DNA. You choose your parents and certain life experiences. After that, it is your journey to reconnect with your life purpose which is whispered to you at the time of your birth. 

No matter the life purpose that you were born to fulfill, you were born for something extraordinary. Whether your purpose is to be the parent of a 'special' boy or girl, to lead the charge for a specific cause, to change the 'rules' in life, or to be a global leader; fulfilling on your life purpose changes the trajectory of your life. The situations in your life sync with the life purpose and your live a life of joy and harmony.

Resisting your life purpose also changes your trajectory. When you are resisting your purpose, your life falls into chaos and your relationships fail on many levels. Marriages, money, career, family and friendships are just some of the areas where your life can fail. 

Failure is not a bad thing. Everyone fails. The lesson in failure is listening to the life purpose message. Embrace the failure and listen for the message. It is quite apparent. There are no hidden messages when it comes to life purpose.

The only failure is ignoring and resisting the life purpose message. If you are unsure of your life purpose, schedule a session and start living your destiny.

Choose to live a life fulfilled!

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