Friday, March 30, 2018

An Eye Opening Experience

This past week I had the privilege of assisting with the care of a family friend. Kaye is my mother's best friend and has been a part of our family since I was 14 years old. Two and a half years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Of all the diseases, this one is the most cruel. The affected remains a level of health that mocks the disappearing memory. Much like my experience with Jordyn, I walked into her home with a certain expectation. I was immediately reminded that all experiences are unique.

Kaye and I played games and went for walks. Sometimes we went to the mall to walk. There she is known by the other walkers. They greeted her with great joy and she was so happy to be there. Unfortunately, there were others there she thought she knew and approached them expecting a warm welcome. Most people were very generous, while others were less than pleasant. It was a dissection of the human condition.

During our walks outside, she spoke of the past. Sometimes the distant past and more often of the recent past. When we discussed recent events, she focused on aspects of things that I thought were insignificant. However, to her, they were the important events. 

As the week progressed, I realized just how much I spent thinking of things that really didn't matter. I tend to have two modes; on or off. When I am on, I am the typical TYPE A personality, obsessed with every detail and extremely impatient. In the off position, I am so chill, some might think I'd passed. Granted, a happy medium would be ideal, yet I sway with doing and being. 

As a doer, I have a determined demeanor, filled with action and purpose. Manifesting myself as a being, I am centered in my purpose and focused on my chakras.

I realize that I compartmentalize my life in ways unbeknownst to me. Who I am is a whole intuitive being. Who I am is the listener for the Voice of God within. Who I am is a man who chooses to live intuitively with purpose.

February and March were amazing months. I immersed myself in the world of Autism and Alzheimer's. Both revealed the same facts. What you see on the outside is not who is on the inside. These people are extraordinary, loving, knowledgeable souls with a purpose and a future. Embracing people based on what you cannot see is the miracle I've learned these past two months.

Contact me to explore the enlightenment possible when you set aside judgment and preconceived notions of the past. Examine your possibilities and embrace new opportunities.

Kyle Sutton

Friday, March 23, 2018

Sharing my Intuitive Life

I learned the basics of writing while in high school and even toyed with the idea of being a journalist. As Steinbeck stated in Of Mice and Men, 'The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.'
I never pursued the path to journalism due to shifting sands. In my late teens I understood I was an Intuitive (psychic) and Healer. I had no idea what to do with that information, and my religious family refused to discuss it on any level. 
I retreated into solitude and began a journal. However, when the information being revealed was more than I could handle, I threw the journal away - denying who I was.  I must have thrown away 6 or 7 journals, a great loss at this stage of my life.
Once I accepted who I was (add gay to that mix), I pursued learning all I could about using my gifts. I knew I was born to be of service early in my life. My life choices surrounded me with others who were exploring the intuitive and healing sides of themselves. As life opened opportunities, I began giving readings to friends and family. At first, I provided surface level details, but as I found my confidence in generating information, I found myself being referred to others. I began to give readings with people I'd never met. Strangely, I found that I was more accurate with strangers that I was with friends and family. I explored the reasons and discovered that I knew what those close to me wanted or needed and my readings were inclined toward those results.
In my early 40s, I began offering readings to new clients on a weekly basis. At first, I gave readings after work in a cafe close by. As time went by, I began giving readings in my home in person and on the phone. I found that once I opened myself to the possibilities of providing a service, my client base blossomed.
I became the IntuitiveHealerCoach
I have experienced many amazing, miraculous, fantastical events. One of my gifts is that I can visualize the almost predictable future for others. What do I mean by ALMOST predictable? 
During an Intuitive Consult, I visualize the future you are currently pursuing, either knowingly or unknowingly. Your journey is filled with choices. If something happens that shifts your trajectory, your future will also shift.  Turn left instead of right and everything changes. The scenery, the people you meet, your choices and how long it will take to recover from a 'wrong' turn all play in determining your future.
Breaking through the ethereal ceiling, I began to have the most extraordinary experiences. My life opened up to new knowledge and abilities. After receiving the same message in five consecutive readings, I chose to transform my life and I moved from the Washington DC area to Oak Island, NC in June of 2006. 
This move changed my life. Within months of moving, I wrote my first book, God Speak - A Dialogue. Following the publication of my book, I experienced incredible highs and abysmal lows. I learned more about me during those highs and lows than at any other time of my life. For a brief time in 2009, I was homeless. This was the time when I realized God had my back. Yes, I lived in my car, yet I had only one connection - God. 
Unbeknownst to me, God Speaks had anchored my faith in to a higher realm which had me raise myself up like a phoenix from the ashes. I began to expand my healing practice and found that who I am is a Chakra Healer. That doesn't mean I heal chakras. I use the chakras to heal the stories triggered by the past. As long as the past is living fully in the present, it clouds all future opportunities.
I connect with your chakras (remotely or in person) and acknowledge the state of each one. Depending on the session type you choose, I will access and release the 'junk' blocking your chakras. A 'clean' chakra creates peace, love and joy, and it gets rid of those old stories.
In my 50s, I took on learning about coaching as a profession. As my title states, I added coach to my mix of services. I also developed a number of classes which explore your intuition and healing abilities, focus on transforming your story - accessing your future through your choice of words, and focus on developing the intuitive abilities of children.
Finally, in February of this year, I attended a conference in Atlanta which opened me to an additional gift and opportunity. For the last couple of years, I have been in communication with ArchAngel Gabriel. Although I had no idea at the time why, I have been graced with an additional service. I believe individuals diagnosed with Autism are actually Angels who have chosen to come to Earth to deliver messages we have been 'too busy living' to hear. The medical diagnosis details the symptoms but not the cause. Imagine an immense power source (an Angel) being funneled into a limited channel (a human being). As a visual, imagine funnelling the output of the Hoover Dam through a straw. The straw is unable to handle all of the power and it will act erratically and uncontrollably.
I understood when I attended the conference that we are hear the message. Yet we react to the messenger. Angels are the essence of being, while humans are the essence of doing. 
My Life Purpose is to 'Listen for the Voice of God Within.' I am committed to listening to these Angels and ensuring their messages are delivered to the world.

If you are interested in learning more about the services I offer, please go to my website for more information.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Accepting the Ever Changing Me

I have lived 60 years and I am still discovering parts of me that I had no idea existed. I am constantly having to accept some new part of me. I know my Life Purpose (Listening for the Voice of God Within} and I accept the changes as they come because I know these changes are pointing me to my destination.

I believe you are born with a destiny. Who you were born to be is inside your DNA. You choose your parents and certain life experiences. After that, it is your journey to reconnect with your life purpose which is whispered to you at the time of your birth. 

No matter the life purpose that you were born to fulfill, you were born for something extraordinary. Whether your purpose is to be the parent of a 'special' boy or girl, to lead the charge for a specific cause, to change the 'rules' in life, or to be a global leader; fulfilling on your life purpose changes the trajectory of your life. The situations in your life sync with the life purpose and your live a life of joy and harmony.

Resisting your life purpose also changes your trajectory. When you are resisting your purpose, your life falls into chaos and your relationships fail on many levels. Marriages, money, career, family and friendships are just some of the areas where your life can fail. 

Failure is not a bad thing. Everyone fails. The lesson in failure is listening to the life purpose message. Embrace the failure and listen for the message. It is quite apparent. There are no hidden messages when it comes to life purpose.

The only failure is ignoring and resisting the life purpose message. If you are unsure of your life purpose, schedule a session and start living your destiny.

Choose to live a life fulfilled!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Breaking the Resistance Code

I have spent a week trying to figure out what my next blog should be about. It took a week for me to realize I was resisting writing words on a page. It started me thinking, where else in my life do I resist? 

My Life Purpose is to 'Listen for the Voice of God Within.'  I realized I have been resisting my purpose. I guess I have been resisting ME my whole life. I have resisted the labels intuitive (psychic), healer and coach. I have known what I am from a very young age, but I never wore the labels comfortably. I resisted who I am to the core of my being. I've dabbled with my gifts off and on all my life, yet I always packed them away at the end of the day as if they were a pair of shoes I chose. Some mornings I would choose them, yet most mornings I chose something else. I have the ability to turn off my gifts for a moment, a day, a week or a year. Turning them off is denying who I am, and I have paid the price for making that choice time and time again.

My life has been a journey of discovery; not one of action or revelation, but of the unearthing of Kyle. I wore my fears and self-loathing on my sleeve my entire life. I felt unworthy of my gifts because I don't know what to do with them. I was embarrassed because my family didn't like it. I resisted my labels (intuitive, healer, coach, gay and many others), and I find at 60 that I have lived a life half lived. 

I have always been afraid of being called a fraud when, in fact, that is exactly how I've lived. When I failed to embrace the core of me being, I failed to exist.

That all began to change at the end of February. I attended the Innovations in Education conference in Atlanta. I was confronted with a room full of Angels with the label of Autism. My awakening began to breakdown the barriers of my resistance. I created and embraced a new belief system. 

I have known for some time that the Angels were sent to us as a gift. When working with Jordyn, I was told prior to meeting him that he was an Angel at the right hand of ArchAngel Gabriel. I was also told that the expansion of my Life Purpose is to listen for messages from the Angels. Jordyn has been one of my greatest teachers. Jordyn is leading a cause that is met with incredible resistance. The resistance comes from the most unlikely places; parents, teachers, educators, doctors and even the Angels themselves. 

As an advocate for the Messages, I am standing with the Angels Among Us. These incredible, intelligent, capable individuals have been labeled with the word Autism. It is a medical term used to codify and justify something we, as humans, cannot understand. Today, I challenge you to transform the label from Autistic to Miracle. 

Autistic men, women, boys and girls are born into this world to challenge our world with the experience of Peace, Acceptance and Love. These Angels are immense beings 'confined' in a limited space by our words and fears. Take the time to look into the eyes of an Angel and see who he is. Feel the love she shares. Listen to the acceptance she has for you. When you connect on a soul level, feel his peace.

Are you resisting?

Remove the label and see the person. Angels are here to upgrade your life. When you are mired in the everyday experience, remember you have an Angel in your life. He or she is grateful you are a part of the journey.