Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Living Intuitively is accepting resistance for what it is and moving past the resistance to an action. It is a natural way of living. Trusting your spirit brings you confidence and power needed to push through the biggest obstacle.
The #1 rule: You are enough. You are all you need to be to live intuitively. Granted, you don't live in a vacuum. Others have input in your life. Sometimes it is positive, while, at other times, it may be negative. Another person's actions simply provide you with a series of options from which you may choose. How you react creates three outcomes:
  • How you are perceived by others and yourself
  • The choices available to you
  • Your future 
However, you have more control over your environment than you think. Let's look at the three outcomes individually.
  • You - In any moment, you have the power to choose who you are going to be in any situation. You are constantly creating and re-creating who you are. Your personal power comes from the choices you make while creating yourself.
    A trick to stay true...look to your future!
  • Powerful Choices - A choice is a reflection of who you are now and who you choose to be in the future. Every choice slightly alters your path. 
    Imagine driving your car down Main Street. When you reach the stop light you may choose left onto Elm (a long winding road), right on Maple (a road filled with neighborhoods and schools) or straight ahead on Main (the most accident prone road in town). This choice may seem trivial, but that choice invites you to experience different scenarios, people with whom you may interact, or a detour that will take you on a unfamiliar road with an unknown outcome.
    Depending on the road you choose, you may encounter a dead end, multiple stop signs, or a clear path home. How you deal with your choice re-enforces who you are.
    So ask yourself, is your powerful choice the journey or the destination?
  • A New Future - Your future alters everytime you choose a path. You choose your future at each and every moment. But how do you know you've reached the future you planned or that the future you planned is the future you want.
    What you can count on is that if you let life choose you, your future will be decided by every other person in your life. 
    To be proactive in creating a new future, you create your future by putting down on paper. Sure you can type it into your electronic device, but putting in down on paper has you be fully engaged in the design.
    Start with your life one year from today. What does your life look like in 2019? Keep it focused as if you were talking about today!
    Who is your partner? For which company are you working, or are you self employed? Did you travel in 2018? If so, to where and with whom? How much do you make? Go through all of the details that are important to your success and fulfillment.
    After you have created the results of the upcoming year, move backward one month and detail the actions you took to have those successes. Go back one month and detail the actions that had you be successful. When you get back to today, you now have a map for success.
You have more control over your life that you think. You get to say what happens because you are in control of your choices. If you need or want to create a life filled with love, joy and abundance, schedule a coaching session to design your future.

Blessings & Joy!

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