Monday, February 26, 2018

Breaking the Autism Code

The mother of a young man with whom I'd communicated intuitively asked that I attend the Innovations in Education Conference in Atlanta, GA over this past weekend. I had no idea of why I was asked or why I would be there. I had no connection to autism outside my 3-days in May 2015 interaction with Jordyn Pallett. On my website, I detail my three days alone with Jordyn and MY experience from inadequate to success. 

Prior to meeting Jordyn, I was told that he was an angel at the right hand of the Archangel Gabriel, who chose to enter the world as a human being. So there was no pressure there. His experience prior to living as Jordyn Pallett was as an extraordinary being with no limits. Large wings, graceful movement, purposeful intentions, otherworldly gifts and the being of JOY. Imagine, if you can, being the Hoover Dam with enough power to electrify all of Southern California. Now you choose to channel all that energy into a vessel the size of a straw. With all that force being limited by a container, it doesn't dissipate, it channels into other forms of action. Uncontrollable outbursts and movements are just a couple of the actions on which these individuals are often judged and labeled as a problem. 

Prior to my attending the conference, I received a 'download' telling me that I would know my purpose at the completion of the conference. As a human being, I remained highly skeptical. As a spiritual being, I opened myself to a whole new experience. I found from the first moment I entered the building, the love, acceptance, joy and generosity available was palpable. As the conference began, I had no idea what I'd stepped into. I was on a row with Jordyn, Kelli and Mike (Jordyn's parents), Sarah (Jordyn's aunt) and Julie Sando, a friend and advocate for the autistically inclined. All of us had gathered to support Jordyn's experience at the conference. 

I didn't know until later the first day that I had walked into the room with a list of preconceived notions of who autistic individuals were. I have a nephew with Aspergers, yet only saw him at Christmas and a few other events, so my interaction with him was extremely limited. Based on my interaction with him and my family's reaction to his 'disabilities', I had created a story about what autism was. All of my anchored autism beliefs were shattered with every subsequent hour. I saw these individuals as whole and complete with aspects that may cause others to look and judge. I just saw boys, girls, men and women struggling to teach us to accept them as they are, not as they appear to be.

I believe that every autistic individual is an angel who CHOSE to enter the human experience to help us deal with our own humanity. Some may be aware of their purpose, while others will learn of it as they interact with the facilitators (lead angels). Who they are is not what they do. They are BY CHOICE Archangel Gabriel's Legion of Peace, Acceptance and Love (PAL).

Now back to the weekend, I met some extraordinary 'parents' and angels. I can see the knowing in the eyes. S/he knows I know WHO s/he is. There is a bigger purpose!

I woke up this morning knowing what I am to do. My Life Purpose is Listening for the Voice of God Within. Two years ago, I created The Life Purpose Project website and let it sit dormant while I tried to figured out what to do with it. 

Without understanding how, I am going to use the site as a voice for the angels. They will be able to post their comments to subjects I post on the site. Together, we will get the word out globally.