Monday, January 1, 2018

Karma or Choice?

I awoke this morning with a renewed hope for the future. Before going to bed last night, I prayed giving all my past to God and opening myself to a clean slate. I slept better than I had in days. 
I chose not to watch the silly New Year's Eve fare and watched the second season of the Crown on Netflix. While watching the final episode, I acknowledge that all of the mistakes and poor choices were a calculated plan for me to be where I am right now.
Awaking in a brand new year has given me a wonderful opportunity to reinvent myself with a brand new website

Life is a series of choices and each choice alters the trajectory of your journey. I have chosen wisely often and unwisely enough times to let me see alternative paths. On those paths, I met people who directed back to the path I was meant to walk.
It may be difficult to know whether the voice in your head is your higher self or your ego. Sometimes they sound the same, and sometimes you may just choose to ignore the path less traveled.
I believe we are all here for a purpose and no matter the purpose, we have actions we must complete before our time is finished. Unfinished actions become an issue in another life. A question you may ask yourself is, "Am I completing an action from a previous life?"
Often, you have your life's completions and innermixed are the past life incompletions. If you'd like to know what actions you need to complete for this life...and previous lives.

Make an appointment that could change everything

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day

I have been fortunate to have spent the day with my family. It was a day filled with love, laughter and joy. We enjoyed who each person was, and forgave whatever was present in the past. I have been reevaluating my place in the Intuitive community. I believe we are all psychically connected. Through every look, word or act, we connect if but for a moment.

As 2017 comes to an end, I am expanding my place in the world to include social media. At 60, this is a huge leap into the future. I am releasing old conversations and embracing new ways to communicate. 

My life is my creation to share and generate. My intention is to free others of their confusion and aimless wandering. I believe when everyone knows his or her Life Purpose, everything shifts in a positive and remarkable way. Once accepting your purpose, you may begin to see or hear things that direct you to where you need to be on your path. The people with whom you are to communicate will show up in the oddest places.

Search your soul for your message. Listen for the inconsistencies of your life. Everything will merge from multiple choices to the 'right' choices. You will see the miracle of life...YOUR LIFE. You were born at this time, in this place, for a greater purpose.

Open yourself to the possibilities.

If you need help releasing your Life Purpose, contact me. One of my intuitive gifts is that I can hear the message whispered to you at the moment of your birth. This message directs you to follow your purpose and draws to you the people who can fulfill on that purpose.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Listening for direction

Every day is another opportunity to make a difference. The last few days I have been working on my website and the associated programs (scheduling, facebook, twitter, etc.) and I ran into one obstacle after another. I was unable to focus because I was extremely  frustrated. I was doing all I could do.

That was the issue. 

I was doing all I could do. It was during a phone call with a friend that I got it. We were talking about how our chakras affect our focus and outcomes. She asked how and I explained.






3rd EYE = I SEE


Using this model, I immediately knew I was drowning in ORANGE energy. Using the energy of the Sacral chakra can be empowering as long as it doesn't dominate the other chakras. Over the past few days, I have had issues with activating my ROOT chakra, and this has caused me to lose my identity inside of my tasks. I have failed to follow my health routine and I have allowed myself to become dehydrated. 

I knew what I was doing but I kept telling myself that I would do 'IT' later. Well, IT never got done. To clear my unbalanced chakras, I performed a chakra meditation using the 'My Chakra Meditation' app on my phone. It is totally relaxing and allows me to focus on each chakra as the app progresses. After completing the meditation, I allowed the message to come through, and I found alternate ways to accomplish the task.

Take a moment to listen to the message aching to be heard. What color are you today?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Following the Voice

My Life Purpose is to Listen for the Voice of God within.

At first, I thought I was supposed to listen for God' Voice when speaking with others, but I later understood that I was to LISTEN for the purpose of the person to whom I was speaking. I listen for his/her truth, not the story they tell about themselves. Everyone has a story they tell about themselves. It is the culmination of their combined experiences.

Those experiences are not WHO s/he is, it is the story that makes them human. We are all Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience. The moment we are born into this world, two things happen. First, you are disconnected from the Source of Everything. Second, your Life Purpose is whispered to you.

You will spend the rest of your human existence either embracing your Life Purpose or resisting it. If you have embraced your Purpose, you are truly fortunate. Your life is most likely filled with joy, fulfillment, happiness, effortless choices, and abundant relationships.

However, if you have failed to embrace your Purpose, your life may be surrounded by chaos, condemnation, hate, disappointment, fleeting relationships, chronic illness, and, strangely enough. lack of purpose.

Those who 'stir the pot' as my grandmother would say are missing a purpose. They may stand for a cause, but a purpose...a Life Purpose is peaceful, joyful and surrounded by love and acceptance.

I have struggles with my weight for the past 10 years. I have 'pretended' to diet, work-out, take charge, yet the results of those pretenses  and extra pounds stare back at me in the mirror.

So I prayed. I asked that God help me with my weight because it is beginning to affect my health and wellness. After asking...and not really listening, I finally got my answer. Fast for 5 days, walk 2 miles a day, and meditate and pray three times a day. I immediately said, "I can't do that. It's too hard." I began to list the whys and wherefores. I am sure God was smiling down thinking, "Yep, that's my Kyle."'

I am able to perform manifest extraordinary results if it is happening 'over there' but I have unable to manifest over here. I took all day Sunday to digest my plight and explore my story for answers. I discovered one, 'I am unworthy of being attractive and healthy.' I just sat with that statement and totally understood that a word I used to use often was worthless. Dissecting the word, it is worth - less. Apparently that conversation is still alive and kicking the recesses of my thoughts.

Monday, I confronted that statement and drank enough water to float a small boat, 165oz, and failed to eat a morsel. I was able to hold off eating until 10pm. I caved and ate some cheese; a favorite of mine. I started to chastise myself and then I realized I had made a choice...a conscious choice to eat the cheese. I thought about it, even how I could hide that I had eaten it. It was my past coming to roost in the present.

Today, I am choosing to start again, but without the rigid rules of a fast. I will eat one measured meal a day working to fulfill on a total fast by the end of the week. I recognize that fasting is an act of faith. I feel like I am playing Monty Hall and 'making a deal.' Things are not so concrete in the human existence, and I am working on that with the walks and prayers. I feel blessed to have a relationship with God where I can hear His bidding.

As the IntutiiveHealerCoach, I know that this will expand my gifts beyond what I know them to be.